Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fifty Shades


I'm not a kind of person who likes to read novel, I remember last time I read were the Twilight saga, yes you got it right, the super handsome vampire. I prefer to read magazine or even comics, but then I heard a lot of people were talking about this Christian Grey guy, I wonder who is it and it turns out that it is a character from the Fifty Shades trilogy. I was curious and bought the books straight away, and YES it is as interesting as the title. So for now, I'm officially a bookworm, just for this Christian Grey......


Zara peplum top & legging, Bimba & Lola starfish cuff, Kelsi Dagger lace-up boots, Celine sunnies. Take a closer look of the necklace, really love how the spikes hanging from the skull!

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complicated said...

hai dear :*
You are very beautiful and charming
very inspiring

Jaqueline Holiyanto said...

really like your outfit, it is so stunning :D
love the peplum top an the cuff :)

Nadia Nathania said...

omg i love your necklace! :)

Great post btw :*

Mandi said...

Really gorgeous photo's. You always look beautiful. I love the bling and sparkle of your clutch.

xx Mandi

Maria Widjaja said...

fancy your starfish cuff! and you looook so pretty!:)

T. A. Soekmadyanto said...

you look so gorgeous! i read christian grey too :)

Gilbert Ganda said...

AAh ceee kar! uayuuu!
love your necklace so much!

bernadette bianca said...

love your outfit! especially your necklace and your sunnies so pretty and you look so gorgeous as well!
nice blog!

xx, The Coronet

Jaybel Reeser said...

love, love the peplum and those spikes from the necklace... truly an art :)



Liz said...

That book is horrible. Written so poorly (I read the whole three book though)can't believe that they sell more of these compared to harry potter books.anyway i like your necklace.. gorgeous.

C. Belvin said...

lovellyyy i loved your celine sunglasses

clara thomas said...

woah you look awesome!
loveely necklace and clutch :)

ninda said...

wow I'm in love with your clutch!! and cool necklace :)

irene wibowo said...

nice outfit.. and your shoes is pretty. :)

Irene Wibowo