Monday, October 24, 2011


Watch this, this is really interesting. If you're into PR, here's a true role model for you.

After watching this, how bad do you want to work in fashion industry? As for me, I want it SOOOOOOOO BAD! Let me tell you something, I got two interesting modules this term. Fashion advertising ( advertising was on my list for what major should I take when I was still in high school) and fashion communication ( i'm learning about public relation now!). I'm not a fan for the other two subjects, I'm not into history so I think it is really boring.


Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

it seems very hectic but yet a fun job after all !

michellehendra said...

this is pretty amazing. omg omg omg omg. i want new york more than i want to be a pr. haha

Stella Sylvanie said...

I also got fashion advertising and fashion communication for this term.
assignment from this two subjects was exciting too.

Laura Clayderman said...

woww this video is actually amazing !! :)
it inspires me even more to a fashion PR !!! <3