Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Slowly getting closure

IMG_8974-2 edited resized

I found this piece of 'halloween witch' dress in my mother's closet (but I don't think it's hers). The dress was a little bit loose to me, so I put on a skinny belt instead.

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I got a story about how I get these pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita. It was the golden moment of Lita, and I can't find it everywhere because EVERY online shops ran out of my size. I keep searching and searching, but still, nothing. So I ran out of hope to get these pair. Then right on the day before I flew off to Melbourne, me and my friends grabbed some dinner at one of the famous restaurants in Sydney, Hurricane that located at Bondi beach. As we were waiting for the food, I went to the store next door with a friend because she needs to buy some thick scarf. When I enter the store, I could see a beautiful pair of Taupe suede Lita right in front of me. I asked them whether they have it in my size or not, and yes they have! I tried it on, and perfect. It was a store called Tuchuzy. They sell range of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Alexander Wang sunnies, etc! You gotta love the store, seriously. Go check their blog.

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I had to alter the dress cus it's too big for me. I also asked the tailor to make the inner skirt short(it was a full length dress). Nice isn't it? :)

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And here's a quote,

"I have no regrets in my life. I think that everything happens for a reason. The hard times that you go through build characters, making you a much stronger person."

Well, I couldn't agree more! After all that I've been through, I could say that I really, really felt so good to let go of it. I move on, and I let go, but I never, ever forget.

Photographed by: Liem Emilia.

It was my first time meeting her, and don't you just love how she edited the color tone of the pictures? :D


Martina said...

wonderful dress

Martina said...

wonderful dress

Arnold Teja said...

WOW! Amazing photos!! Love the dress!

010 said...

nice photo shoot...
love your dress
you look amazing


Nettie said...

I love your dress dear! And yes, the color tone is really pretty! ♥ I'm a new follower btw!

Adeline Yang said...

love the pictures! you were so pretty in the photos..

Ayya McFire said...

Beautiful, beautiful dress, gothic-fairy-like!
I would be the happiest firl on earth if my mum owns dresses like that.
I love how you tailored it and got the inner skirt shorter. Was the hem already uneven or did you tailor it to be uneven?
Oh and you can't go wrong with a pair of killer Jeffrey Campbell.

Liem Emilia Ernawati said...

thank you for the compliment dear. i also enjoyed the editing part. and i love how you got inside the circles and posed just like that. ;)

at last, love the jeffrey campbell! :*

Evelyn Halim said...

Look stunning as always dear..
I love how Liem Emilia took and edited the pics.
Anw, hows singapore treatin u?

xx stilettonizer xx

Anastasia Siantar said...

super lovely photos!! and what an amazing dress <3
not to mention the awesome lita too <3

kirstyb said...

that dress is so pretty x

renny ruth roren said...

gorgeous photos and outfit! genius!
your shoes to die for match your dress perfectly, stylish!

waiting for your next post!

Chic Escape said...

i love the pictures, very artistic. And the dress is so pretty, you are so lucky to have found it in your mom's closet :)

Julian Tanoto said...

love the dress,the shoes and all the pictures!

Journal J

Diana caitilin said...

omg this is amazing dear!the shoot, dress,shoes and you! i love this post!
call me Diiiyn!

michelle_ said...

another awesome look from you karin !!
ini foto dmn btw ? lucu lokasi nyaa

www.glisters and

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Karina, you're such a beautiful girl!
I usually only follow blogs which feature everyday outfits that I can relate to (a.k.a not, you know, too high fashion-y) with no professional retouched pictures. But after browsing around, I found myself enchanted to your blog! I might not wear the outfits you featured, but surely I can 'steal' some inspirations here and there.
And a daughter who 'raids' her Mom's closet for fantastic pieces? That's a girl after my own heart! I do the same when I want something uniquie/vintage/branded that I can't afford with my own hard-earned salary. Haha!
I'm following you via bloglovin now!

LeeAnne, Style N Season

Yen'Ney said...

wow, wonderful shots!
inspiring blog.

kibearish kisses. ♥

mestizay said...

I adore these photos! You are so lucky to find those Litas!
I hope we can follow each other.;)