Sunday, July 10, 2011


IMG_7967 copy
IMG_7867 copy

I have this sequined bow headband that I owned a long time ago. Well, since I don't wear any kind of headband anymore, I took the bow off the band and stick it to a rubber band instead. hehee

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IMG_7928 copy

Look at the trees behind me! It reminds me of Beverly hills, haha! Who's with me?

IMG_7877 copy
IMG_7945 copy

The sequined short is from one of HongKong's local brand, Jessica.

IMG_8018 copy
IMG_7971 copy

I think this Bianca is the most comfortable shoes among the other Christian Louboutin I own.


Featuring my dear Evelyn from Stilettonizer :)


She was wearing necklace from House of Harlow, bangles from Juicy Couture and Bottega Veneta.


Photographed by: Devina Azharia.


Caroline Robianto said...

my legs are not that long kokkk :D you also have that long legs!! i love your louboutins!! i like your sequin shorts and that shirt :D love it!

YUI said...

love the whole outfit! <3
the shirt is so gorgeous with the bow! ;)


miamanson said...

cantik dua2nya ;;) EH cantik!

Evelyn Halim said...

I like the way u use that bow as a tie. Anw, u look stunning baby. Thanks for having me in ur post *smooch*

Thanks to pretty mia as well :)

xx stilettonizer xx

Sick by Trend said...

love those shorts and incredible shorts!! You look stunning honey!


Susan said...

you totally rock that sequin short! esp with your Bianca :)

Denissa Hady said...


michelle_ said...

lol yess.. it doess remind me of beverly hills.. btw where did u get ur sequined shorts? ive been looking for a similar pair for ages !

www.glisters and

Lidiya said...

I adore the sequins - you look fabulous!! :)

Benedicte MAGEN said...

amazing blog !! really happy to find it ;) i'm following you on Bloglovin' dear

Arnold Teja said...

I love your sequin pants & your louboutins!

Anastasia Siantar said...

looooovely shoes I see <3
and thaaaat bow headband (which now becomes your bow tie) is super super cute! nice idea, girl <3

Ariadna said...

cute look :)great photos

Henny Vitri said...

the bow tie is uh-mazing!

Diana caitilin said...

you both look super cute and pretty!<3
enter Call me Diiiyn MANGO GIVEAWAY!

l i s a z h a n g said...

Awww miss just cane across ur blog and am absolutely loving it!

What r u currently studying in Sydney? And where?


Jessica Clarissa said...

cute combination! the whole look is spectacular too :D

Jovana Miljanović said...

I've just discovered your blog and I loved it instantly :) Great job! :)

michelle_ said...

re: beli di asos ! its still available tuhh kmrn gw liat hehee

Veren Lee said...

both of you look sooo gorgeous and amazing. love your pumps and the headband that you wore as bow tie ! :D

Rita said...

I love your bag and shoes
Your blog is wonderful. You have a amazing style

Emma said...

Hi. Found you through TPF. You style is outstanding! I love you Biancas here! A perfect match to the flap!

Emma x

Deniz said...

hi! happy days!:)