Friday, July 22, 2011

Givenchy Fall 2011 Couture


This sublime collection of haute couture pieces for Givenchy is all about Purity, so this time Tisci kept the palette in the palest beige, ivory, and white. He said " White has become very strong—when women want to be sexy and romantic at the same time, white is there.” Speaking of Couture, I love their 2010 Couture too! From all collection that he has done, I can tell that he like neutral tones such as gold, beige, white and black. Of course, sheer, embroidered, feathers, tulle, you name it. See it here.


Look at the beautiful details. Hand-curled feathers, plumes so densely embroidered so that they looked like fur, and crystal drops over the fragile tulle dress. As we can see, Tisci held nothing back when it came to the handwork.


Riccardo Tisci, I love you.

See the rest of the collection here.


Christine said...

this collection is too beautiful! :O

fhenny said...

the second gown is loveee :D
it was nice meeting you in jkt and looking forward to our next brunch ;)

have just followd and linked your blog dearr


piapia said...

givenchy is rockss! the collections super gorgeous...

Ayya McFire said...

I love how Givenchy Couture dresses are so angelic and dreamy. White never looks boring when it's Givenchy.
I've been reading your last few posts, you have such a amazing style!
Oh by the way, are you from Indonesia too?

renny ruth roren said...

love givenchy piece a lot, nice post!

Julian Tanoto said...

love the collections <3

Journal J

Choiii said...

amazing collection, so much detail. pure pure love :)