Saturday, April 2, 2011

go on, be gone.

3 words.
I had enough.

These past 3 weeks is more like hell of pressure to me. Sometimes, I really wish the thing that's happening to me right now is just another joke for april fool. But no, it's just a reality that I have to face. I keep asking why, why me? I mean how could this happen to me?

He used to love me.
He used to talk to me like I was the only one around.
He used to lean on me.
He used to walk with me.
I used to love him.
I used to reach for him.
I used to listen.
I used to follow him.
We used to have this figured out.
We used to have this under control.
We used to love without a doubt.
We used to be crazily happy.

Somehow, this is just a lesson I need to learn. Do you know the statement "Everything happens for a reason"? Well, believe it or not, it is. Even though it is SO HARD for me to accept the fact, but I'm trying.

still, the kelsi dagger bootie!
Photographed by: Iasha Raya Astari


Tamara S. Putri said...

you look great!


YUI said...

i love your outfit head to toe! :)

Gilbert Ganda said...

Will I see you in the next six months darling?


love yourr booties to core!

Mischell double W said...

so cool! love that scarf:) it really suits you

leodataslim said...

love your shoes !

SimuĊĦa said...

very nice scraf :)

Veren Lee said...

this outfit is simply amazing.
cool scarf and boots! ;)

Anastasia Siantar said...

this is really lovely, really <3

cryskay said...

love everything about this outfit! you look stunning as usual. xx

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Stunning! Love everything from head to toe! Gorgeous :)


Diana caitilin said...

love this simple outfit!
im taking fashion design in Malay dear.Callmediiiyn!

YinGSaran said...

love outfit!

silviasiantar said...

eh don;t be so sad baby girl :'(

et.girl said...

ur photos are incredible!
check out mine too? and follow if ud like :)


CHESCA said...

Love this outfit! Classic black and white with some edge!

Shintia said...

love come and go, but best friends and grow.