Monday, April 18, 2011

Easy breezy morning

Went to the airport to send one of my best friend this morning, GOD how I hate goodbyes.

bought this stripey harem pants from a korean boutique yesterday, isn't it cute?
sorry for the frowning face and sleepy eyes, morning effect :p

Photographed by: Iasha Raya Astari for the LAST time :'(


AlvianaKalin said...

yess I'm studying in shanghai right now. YEAH FRIED DUMPLING ARE MY FAV !! they are so delicious i wanna die lol u should come here and meet me :)
btw, I love your pants!


Galia said...

fantastic outfits!!! :)

Gilbert Ganda said...

I love your pants ce! uapik poll!
anyway I always love your outfit!

and yeah, I hate goodbyes too!


silviasiantar said...

eh i want your bag. btw your photographer is goneeeeE? :( mine too

michelle_ said...

where u goinggg noww dear ?

i love the stripey pants alot dear !

glisters and blisters

Diana caitilin said...

you look like korean girl dear!super lovely

H-S said...

yes, stripped harem and black Givenchy, hmmmm awesome

piapia said...

i want the givenchy so badly!! :p love your stripped pants, dear :)

GretchTM said...

Those harem pants are amazing!

J said...

totally gorgeous:) and i love the sunflare effects on ur last photo!:)

Journal J

Cindy Karmoko said...

i love your pants and bag! you look stunning!

keschen said...

love the outfit and you look great. just went through all your loving all of em :)
you are absolutely stunning :)

follow each other?


Sabila Anata said...

aih! love the pants (on you):D really like the way you matched them

angela jessyana said...

love your leather jacket and of course the harem pants! i like the fifth photo :) and i've followed your great blog!