Tuesday, March 8, 2011


another photo testing..

Random shots. So there is this friend of mine who just took photography as her elective class and she's really into photography now. She took these pictures as an beginner exercise, and I kinda like it!

Anyway I have been thinking about getting one of DSLR, any recommendation what's good with reasonable price?


Sarah said...

love all your jewellery, especially the rings!


diaswari predani said...

visit me if you have spare time

sweet and sugars,

Arnold Teja said...

Your stuffs are so fabolous! I've been searching the cross ring for a long time ago but it sold everywhere.


JustLikeJasper♥ said...

Great outfit <3
Love the rings xx

cryskay said...

i want that hermes belt. its stunning. xo

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love your accessories!


cherie said...

lovely detail shots.. the rings are fabulous! well, i'm a nikon fan when it comes to dslr's :)

cherie of Parade of Dresses

Anastasia Siantar said...

aww I love your rings!!

Mai said...

Love the cross ring!

Reg Rodriguez said...

your friend takes good photos! i myself am thinking of getting a canon eos 550d :)


Lizelisabeth said...

Hi there lovely! Adore your blog and your style so much! Def got a new follower now: me! And I also mentioned your blog in my post.

hug and kiss kiss

silviasiantar said...

gosh i love your balenciagaaa

little shadow said...

Pretty amazing photos for a beginner exercise! Fab blog x

sartorial diary said...

i kinda like them too!scrath that,i LOVE them!
love your jewellery!and that camel coloured blazer is so chic!

michelle_ said...

loving your cross ring and angel wing ring ! i like to wear mine like that as well :)

if u want compact dslr u can carry everywhere.. get the new eos 600D then :)

but if you like something more pro.. get the eos 60D :D