Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Abstract Mind

It's been so long since my last post. So here it goes, a new outfit post. It was a fine saturday, and I was strolling around the city with a friend. We went to the new Westfield mall here in the mid city of sydney, I gotta say that.. I LOVE THIS MALL VERY MUCH. It's not that I'm being over rated or what, and yes, I've seen many more mall better than this out there, but.. the other mall here in Australia are like 'yeah, fine, okay', but this one, NICE. When we enter the mall, it's like we got those kind of 'Asian Feel', the shops, the atmosphere. Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu, Bottega Venetta, etc will open their store here, soon. Can't wait!

Then we found this beautiful garden near Darling harbour bridge, and.. snap snap snap. Have a great day everyone! x

Forever 21 tank, Supre printed harem pants, Wittner purple pumps, Rayban aviator, Sally Koeswanto spiked clutch
When I was sitting like this, people were starring at me like 'what the.. what are you doing?' but.. who cares??LOL
Look at the height! Love.
Been playing with the Color Accent, I'm loving the color tone :)
Because nothing in fashion is permanent so why should tattoos be?
Speaking of the shoes..what does it remind you of? Yes! The YSL Tribtoos. I got the Cheap version, but not bad, yes? Got it from one of the Australian brand, Wittner.
and here's my real YSL Tribtoo. Mom doesn't allow me to buy the sky high one, so I bought this short version instead. So comfortable to walk in :)Photobucket

and oh! I'm eyeing these Lanvin for H&M shoes.. hope I could score one of those. PLEASE :(
Leopard print or dazzling red?


vdcouture said...

fabulous <3


michelle_ said...

fabbbb :) i love the pantss and the super high heels of course !! reminds me of YSL's tribtoos..
hype for you !

glisters and blisters

silviasiantar said...

Eh i love your pants babe! And shoes I still havent owned yet:( I neeeeeeed a pair of TRIBTOOS



hey dear!
I love the pants! its totally die for!
and I think my sister will definitely faint when she see your heels! its sky high and the colour are OMG!


michellehendra said...

love your tattoo love :) i spotted that heels! wittner!! woohoo.. but i just bought 2 tony bianco.. :"( can't let my heart buy some more babies.. haha.. ntar broke saya.. haha.. aussie is so HOT these days. hate hate hate it! :(



you should get the one in leopard! actually I should say both!

sydney no H&M juga yah c?
so sad! same here in sg!

anyway I love both the witner and the YSL!


diana! said...

you look gorgeous dear,really love this outfit.n btw i love your tattoo!too bad i can't wear tattoo allergy:(.

AlvianaKalin said...

oh my God you are so gorgeous in those heels! fierce!
love ur style dear, followed ur blog

We love the sweet life said...

Beautiful outfit! And those shoes!!! wow, to die for! The color is so gorgeous! xx

Theresia Natalie said...

such a really pretty outfit, i like the harem pants especially.
i think dazzling red shoes are very powerful and can pump up our confident :)

Natalie's-the blog

Sherrie Cola said...

Love the studs on the clutch, where is it from?

ebonni said...

i love the high waisted pants, i have 2 get my self sum
please follow my blog:

michelle_ said...

RE : ahhh welcome to club then :)
btw the shorter tribtoos.. itu brp centi ? hehe

LhaLa a.k.a. Marshella said...

your shots were awesome!! followed to keep ya updated :) follow mine if you have time :)

Lanvin Lovers said...
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Lanvin Lovers said...

hi love,
your style very awe-inspiring. loves everything bout it's so youuuuuu ;) leopard would be great!! heehe


Susan said...

Fabulous style! I love your heels and clutch so much.

Karina Pricilla said...

sherrie cole: it's from a local brand designer, sally koestwanto :)