Sunday, October 17, 2010


I've been so busy lately for university and stuffs, so here I am, in Sydney. Well, things are just 'okay' right now, but somehow, I feel kinda lonely. I miss home, I miss my boyfriend, I miss my girls, I miss everyone that are not here. Never thought it would be this hard, really. In the other hand, I keep telling myself the positive sides. I'm not a little girl anymore, and it's not like it's the end of the world or something, the only thing I need to do is adapting, plus find a lot a lot of new friends! You know, sometimes you gotta quit thinking so much. If it feels right, it probably is. So just go with it. Be happy. Be busy. Be active.

Here's a set of pictures I took in my hometown. I found this old flowery skirt in my closet, I think I bought it when I was in junior high, lol. Paired it with a basic black long sleeves, and belt. And oh! My dear friend did my hair like this, does it suits me? No? Been playing with the nerdy glasses also ;)

Marks and Spencer long sleeves, House of Harlow necklace, Topshop clogs
My favorite necklace at the moment.
Topshop clogs I bought in Russia last month. What do you think?
I'm FAT! HAHAHA. whatever.


Nadia Kamballa said...

I know that lonely feeling, too. I think it's true that we have to keep ourselves busy to overcome it.. Hope you're feeling better.

You look great, btw. The hairdo and nerdy glasses work really well on you..

The November Girl

vdcouture said...

so in love with this awesome look <3


Michelle Cecilia said...

I understand your feeling, because apparently I'm like u! I just finished my high school and now i'm adapting my new life too, studying abroad. ;)it's only been 2 weeks, so... yeah. Anyway, keep going girl.
Your blog is awesome. I'm new too but my blog isn't great as urs. :(
I linked ur blog in mine.

Style by MLS said...

this hair style was good


Katherine Tirtawijaya said...

I love the whole outfit!
especially the necklace :)

vanessa27 said...

love the necklace :D
come to sf sometimes babeee


You look so beautiful! Great shots and post...
Lovely blog!!!

piapia said...

i love your clogs and lovely skirt so muuchh!!fantastic look :)

The Stylish Nomad said...

Great clogs, love the whole look!



thats the feeling being away from home! I have been away from home for almost two years too and sometimes I do still feel homesick!

anyway you look great!



Yeah I staying in Singapore now! and might be going to Melbourne next two years :)
I do love collier de chien with gold/silver plate but currently there are so many people having them in their wrist already and I should admit I love that more actually!


shinta hawa thandari said...
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diana! said...

fall in love with your clogs.
n you look so cute with that glasses!

michelle_ said...

i lovee the hair and the geeky glasses :) i think all sorts of looks suit u perfectly ! i guess you're one of those vesatile breeds !

good luck in sydney yah :)
what major u taking ?

iamjillyace said...

im a new follwoer! lovin your blog!